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PJ Bernstein Deli Restaurant "Your Home Away From Home"

PJ Front

Corned Beef Piled high in the traditional NY Deli Style

Corned Beef

Chicken Soup Fresh and ust like your grandmother and mother used to make

Chicken Soup--with matzo ball, noodles and krepalach

This is one of my favorite places to eat, the pastrami is amazing and they give big portions...the soups are also very good especially the matzoh ball..the place is very comforting and they really do treat you well

Eddie B--Yelp

About us

A family owned and run deli on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Established in 1982--PJ Bernstein Deli Restaurant is proud to serve classic Kosher-Style Deli Cuisine--featuring classics old and new. Featuring Dine-In, Carry out, delivery and catering for all occasions!

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